wreckage of the modern city

hello again:

we have been writing away this year, working on the follow-up to our 2005 album singularity.
we have just released "no time", the first single from our new album, working with our long-time
friend and engineer Manny Sanchez at his new I.V. Lab Studios in northern Chicago.

a new killer track should be followed with a new killer video, and we have shot some great footage for that as well.

word of Wreckage of the Modern City is quickly spreading across the globe. and that word keeps getting back to us:
showcases for NACA and Crossroads Iowa in November, our largest crowd ever at the 2007 VEISHEA festival,
more CD reviews, appearances on compilation discs, and requests for film, video game and TV licensing
and international digital distribution through TouchTunes' jukeboxes.

if you're new, welcome...  if not, we're glad you're still here.

check our site for our full concert schedule and more news... stay tuned...

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