wreckage of the modern city

Regarding Wreckage of the Modern City's new release singularity:


Dictionary definitions:
1. General. The quality or state of being singular, either through: a) being a separate unit, or: b) being unique or peculiar.
2. Mathematics. A point (called a singular point) at which an equation, surface, etc., becomes degenerate.
3. Astrophysics. A point of infinite mass and zero volume where space and time
are infinitely distorted by gravity; the final state of matter entering a black hole.

The most interesting context of this word, not usually found in dictionaries (but analogous to the astrophysics definition)
is technological singularity.  Here, the Singularity is a future point in time when the rate of societal, scientific
and economic change, growing exponentially, will reach infinity (Think about how fast computer processor power
and hard drive storage space has increased in this century alone!) and we reach posthumanity,
where humanity is replaced by artificial superhuman intelligence.

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